Broccoli cures cancer? Broccoli is a popular vegetable and it should be! It contains some great nutrients that everyone can use. Broccoli is at its best when a dark green color emerges. This vegetable turns yellowish if, it becomes less fresh. The best way is to eat the whole broccoli, not only the top of the broccoli. But what makes broccoli healthy? We highlighted the seven most important benefits and facts about broccoli.

1. Broccoli prevents cancer. 

There has been quite a lot of research and the relation in preventing several types of cancers. Just like cross contamination it contains mainly isothiocyanate and sulforaphane. This substance helps the genes to break and build the right vitamins and minerals. With cancer, genes mutate to fast and broccoli can be a great solver in helping to contain these mutations. There is even an article about a treated patient that was already gave up by his doctors. He followed a strict broccoli diet and still has a good life after 6 years of living with cancer. 

2. Broccoli contains natural anti-oxidants. 

In a recent article about vitamin water, you can read why too much anti oxidants are not good for your health. It is however important to gain enough anti oxidants. Broccoli is one of the few vegetables that contain enough anti oxidants for the day, vitamin A, C and E. A nice bonus of broccoli is that it also has a protecting effect on the skin. If you missed your sun creme that day but have a broccoli in the fridge; use this as a basic protection!

3. This green superfood protects against heart and vascular disease. 

Heart and vascular diseases are next to cancer one of the deadliest diseases on the planet. Broccoli helps to protect against this common disease.  It is done because of enzymes that are created because of this vegetable which protects the vessels and heart. It also lowers the sulforaphane level, this is the number of molecules which damage body cells. Another research executed by the university of Connecticut, showed a weekly consumption of broccoli reduced the damage when having a heart attack, stimulates the creation of protection body cells and improve blood circulation.

4. It lowers the cholesterol level.

The role of sulforaphane is not over yet. It also takes care of the LDL cholesterol level. This will decrease significantly because of the rich fibers in broccoli, and the positive effect it has on your cholesterol mirror. We can even say that your weight will decrease when eating broccoli because of the cholesterol effect.

5. Broccoli lowers the chance of arthritis.

Arthritis is a disease whereby the joints could cause ignition. The chance this happens will increase when people become older, but broccoli can slow this disease and even prevent it from actually happening. It blocks the enzymes that cause damage to the cartilage. 

6. Broccoli is actually beneficial for the bones, caused by calcium and vitamin K.

Broccoli does not only have beneficial effects for cartilage but also on the bones. This is because this vegetable contains a significant amount of vitamin K, next to calcium and fosfor. Vitamin K works as an activator hereby vitamins and minerals are working more effectively. Calcium stimulates the creation of bone tissue and phosphorus, these three substances are needed to gain the best effect for the bones. Broccoli has all three. Recapitulating we can say that because of the vitamin K, phosphorus and calcium broccoli also contributes to healthy bones. 

7. It lowers the chance of lung disease.

Last but not least broccoli also helps in the battle against lung diseases. Again, sulforaphane is the hero and it works as follows: smokers and people with chronic obstructive pulmonal disease the respiratory tracts are not cleansed by the body itself anymore. This is caused by white blood cells that do not work anymore. Because the white blood cells are not helping to battle any bacteria anymore, the free room in the lungs decrease. This way bacteria can spread and the lung functions will decline rapidly. Sulforaphane can heal the lung functions and activate white blood cells.

A lot of beneficial effects from broccoli explained by scientific research. Do you miss any benefits which should be mentioned? contact Solid Vegan today!

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