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Rick Simpson oil, the in’s and out’s

Who surfs on the internet for weed oil will also most certainly come across Rick Simpson oil. Rick Simpson oil is a type of weed oil with a high THC level. Because of the high THC level this oil is not legal. Rick Simpson is the inventor that worked at a Canadian hospital. In 1997 he fell off a ladder and bumped his head and fell unconscious. This happened wen he was he was working with asbestos pipes. This room was poorly ventilated and toxic gasses were released. The nerve system of Rick Simpson was affected.

After another accident he was suffering for years. The medication Rick Simpson got were not helping at all. Even worse, the symptoms Rick got were getting worse. After a documentary he watches he saw the benefits of cannabis against pain. Rick asked his doctor to prescribe him marihuana, but his doctor refused.

In 2003 three spots appeared on Rick’s arm. He got a nasty diagnosis and decided to threat himself with cannabis. About the results of his treatment we can say dat legally it is all okay. But this should also be found on internet. His doctor refused to show that the cannabis was helping. Because it helped Rick so much; he decided to produce his own weed oil. He did this for free and gave it to 5000+ people. Since then, weed oil was becoming popular. Even some countries legalized weed oil. 

Although Rick Simpson oil is illegal because of the high THC doses; we can provide you with a recipe. In several web-shops you can get CBD oil, which is in most countries legal. But the recipe to make Rick Simpson oil is as follows: for 60 grams of oil you need 500 gram weed, 6 liter solvent acid. You will also need a bucket, a rice cooker and a pan. The steps you need to take are the following:

  1. Poor the weed bucket and the solvent acid in a bucket
  2. Mix the ingredients for 3 minutes until a good mixing occurs
  3. Poor in the mix in another bucket and make sure the weed is out of the bucket
  4. Gather the solvent acids and filter the plant material with a coffee filter
  5. Use de rice cooker to let the mix damp. Put on the rice crocket and make sure it is on the lowest stand. Repeat this process until all the alcohol is out o the mix
  6. Poor everything that is left in a pan on a low fire. This process can take 2 hours
  7. After this; put the oil in a flask and it is ready to use!

Why is cannabis not yet recognized as a treatment drug?

Except that you can get high from cannabis, it also has some other side effects that declare how a medicine can be used. Some other effects are that cannabis:

1. Increased appetite 

2. Increased muscle tolerance 

3. Increased muscle weakness

4. Decrease eye ball pressure

5. Decrease in stress

6. Better sleeping 

Patients that use cannabis for these effects are aware of the process and the treatment of cannabis as a drug. It should only be used as a medicine if people are aware of the side effects. It should be used in low dose’s and should not be felt. Since 2000 for example in The Netherlands the institution of medical cannabis (BMC) has been undertaken. This institution has as a goal to legalize cannabis as a medicine or drug. There are sufficient and enough scientifically papers and research were the effects of cannabis have been proven with:

  • Pain, especially muscle pain for MS patients or spine damaged patients
  • Nausea, and for the betterment of cancer patients. Especially nausea is less when cancer patients undertake chemo
  • Chronicle pains (especially were the cause is the spine of patients, fantom pain is also a pain that is very well treated with cannabis)
  • Gille de la Tourette, less ticks and pressure on the patient

Next to this there are increasingly positive messages from patients and doctors that are capable of showing the working of cannabis regarding several pains and sicknesses. Only the scientifically papers are not yet sufficient it seems. Some examples of scientifically proven pain relievers and even medicines (cannabis) are for churn sickness, itchy sicknesses, rheumatism and migraine. Medical cannabis is not really all the times the current of the disease, but it is very helpful in reducing the pain and reducing the condition. Quality demands are also important in legalizing the cannabis as a medicine or drug. Most part of the care is already provided by other drugs that work less but make more money and are more profitable. This is heavily regulated regarding any drug or medicine and is a weak point when it comes to hemp or cannabis. Most cannabis that comes out of coffee shops do not meet the quality for medicines. The taking of cannabis is also a discussion, most doctors say it should be via thee or an evaporator. After this discussion is over a new discussion will emerge; how much cannabis should someone get? Should it be 10 grams or 30 grams? For what sickness, what type of patient, etc. More reports, scientifically articles and news will have to find its way before we can say cannabis will be used as a drug or medicine.

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The effects of weed & CBD on the human body

Cannabis is the latin name for hemp, a plant with great physical and psychological side effects on the body. In ancient times, this herb cure was meant to use against pain and against depression. It was also used for antispasmodic, nausea and sleeping disorders. This all was made out of an oil; CBD oil or hemp oil. The most famous products however are cannabis or hemp. The most important substances of cannabis are cannabis-oids. THC and CBD are the most important substances. It has a great effect on the body against depression.

Scientifically research considers the health benefits of cannabis-oids. Most scientists are eager to research the effects of cannabis and CBD on the human body. PubMed has hundreds of articles and publications about cannabis and its effect. International clubs like the international associates for cannabinoid medicines and the international cannabinoid research society, try to distribute information and make clear targets. The most important effects of CBD oils against cancer can be found here;

According to the bureau of medical cannabis (the government institution that is responsible for the production of cannabis for medically purposes) there are sufficient resources and studies which show that CBD oil has positive effects on the human body. Some of these benefits are.

– Relieves pain with cancer, multiple sclerosis rheumatic and chronicle and bowel inflammation.

– Relieves nausea, gives less appetite and also will cause to less weakness of the body with cancer or aids.

– Relieves nausea caused by medication of cancer,  aids and HIV.

– Relieves muscle pains and muscle cramps, bone damage and nerve pain. It also helps in suppressing Gilles de la Tourette ticks! Which can be very useful for these kind of patients.

– Relieves therapy and glaucoma. 

The regulations around this theme are difficult, since they vary in every country. The transition from illegal to legal CBD oil will be a process of decades. Although we already started, it will continue to grow in the coming years.

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