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The world of plastic

In a world full of plastic, straws are one of the most harmful products of today. The sea is floating with plastic as we speak and it is getting even worse. Plastic like straws are small and split very easily. Birds, fish, dolphins and even Wales eat the plastic, most of them do not make it. The fish and animals eat the plastic, they will either become ill from the plastic and some animals will even choke.

Plastic has the nasty property to not dissolve. When it is thrown into the nature or sea it will slowly dissolve into smaller pieces but it remains plastic. Animals cannot digest plastic, they could die from eating it. Plastic can be poored into our oceans or nature in a number of occasions. People can throw out their cup or plastic covers, but it can also be brought into our precious nature due to shower gel, clothing or scrubs. Some clothing can leave small particles which is not preventable. 

The best example we can give is from MC Donalds. They are banning plastic straws from their products by 2020. The fast food chain has already banned all the plastic straws in The Netherlands. In the United Kingdom (England) they introduced paper straws, bamboo is a great product but more expensive.

If you are a consumer and use straws for your own use, the bamboo straws can last a long time, they can even be put into your dishwasher and cleaned ones in a while. Warm water will also do the trick. Let’s now take a look at the benefits of bamboo straws.

The 5 benefits of bamboo straws

1. Bamboo straws are more durable. The durability of bamboo straws is greater than plastic or plant based straws. Plastic becomes insolvent and dirty after a while; because it is often thin plastic, it also brakes easily. Bamboo straws can be cleaned with a brush and from time to time even be put into the dishwasher. Bamboo straws can last 15-20 times longer then plastic or plant based straws. 

2. Bamboo straws save the panda! Yes, bamboo straws help the endangered species; the panda. As we might all know; panda’s love to eat bamboo. A world wide regulation to save the panda has been accepted by multiple countries. Every bamboo that is used for product assembly, will contribute to save the panda. 

3. Bamboo straws are cheaper then plants based or plastic straws. Because bamboo straws can be reused 15 to 20 times more often, they are more affordable than plastic or plant based straws.

For example, 1 bamboo straw costs $1,00, a plastic straw costs $0,10. Because a bamboo straw can be used 20 times for $1,00 and a plastic straw 1 time for $0,10. The plastic straw is $1 more expensive. 

4. Bamboo straws are better for the environment. Bamboo straws that have an organic stamp or certification are made out of bamboo that is protected. Not only protected bamboo, but also bamboo that is grown especially for products. No animals will be harmed during this process (we put a link of a reliable partner in bamboo straws in this article).

It is obvious, but bamboo straws are also better for the environment. Because there is less plastic used. Plastic will dissolve in 200+ years. Bamboo will dissolve in 10+ years. 

5. Bamboo is a proven product with a growing popularity More products are being produced out of bamboo material. A very strong material which can last for several decades. Bridges are build out of bamboo, which after several years are still safe. Even bamboo underwear is being produced. This is also a product which lasts much longer then regular underwear. 

Because bamboo has different applications which are very beneficial, we suggest to keep looking for more bamboo products. 

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