A coconut is a fruit that can be used for many applications. It is super healthy. The coconut grows in the tropics, mostly on the beach, and on coconut trees. The coconut tree likes to stand in the sand with salt water. With its roots searching for fresh water. From the sea, a fallen coconut sometimes starts a long journey. A coconut has a thick and hard skin with a solid cover that does not allow any sea water from pouring in. It will float and easily make hundred kilometers to the next Island. 

The healing power of the coconut can be used for endless medical applications. A list for a few diseases that coconut can be beneficial to, is to long for this article. The coconut research center has made an article of 36 pages were only a small part of its healing powers are mentioned. Thousands of scientists have researched what the healing power of the coconut does to the human body.

The coconut and its water inside are used for food purposes; delicious dishes can be made from coconut. We will make another Solid Vegan blog about this in the near future. The coconut is however also massively used in the cosmetical sector. Make up, cremes and other cosmetically applications have coconut traces. The pharmaceutical sector also uses the coconut; mainly the oil from the coconut is applied here. Some medicine (as we mentioned above) are beneficial for the overall health. This is why the coconut is applicable in most sectors. 

The last few years coconut water has grown in popularity. It is a great and tasty water, freshening and turns out to be very healthy. They are rich in nutrients and minerals, most people these days a struggling to get enough nutrients and minerals per day. We will mention 8 health benefits of coconut water and the coconut itself.

Coconut oil we tried can be found here

  • The coconut is rich in nutrients. Coconuts grow on large palm trees that are knows as the coco’s nucifera. The water of the coconut will improve digestive digestion. It is also better absorbed and digested by the body. When you eat fruit and coconut water, the vitamins and minerals are proven to be absorbed faster. The only difference is in the temperature, beneath the 25 degrees it turns into coco’s fat. Above the 25 degrees it turns into coconut water.
  • Provides a stable sugar level, because of the saturated fats in the coco oil. This will also attract carbohydrates and other nutrients out of the food that are good for people’s health. This translates itself into lower spikes in your sugar level.
  • Good for hair and skin. Coconut oil contains moisturizing and nourishing effects which make the skin more elastic. Hair and nails are stronger and it has an anti-aging effect on the skin. Coconut shampoo feeds the hair with the same attributes.
  • Improves cell generation. Because of the improved digestive digestion, your body generates new cells faster and old cells are sooner replaced.
  • Improves a healthy heart. Cocos has a positive effect on a better cholesterol. It will improve good HDL cholesterol and lowers the nutrients in the bloodstream that can cause infections.
  • Stimulates muscle gain when doing fitness. Cocos has tissue-building attributes that are important for muscle gain. The combination of fitness and consuming cocus can lower your fat percentage, which improves your muscle gain. Because of this, your rest metabolism goes up and you burn more calories.
  • Ideally used for cooking. When heating the regular oils like olive oil, the acids that appear are not easily received by the body. Because of the stable character of coconut oil, there are no toxic connections when you heat the oil that could harm the body. This is why it is ideal for cooking purposes.
  • Gives direct energy and supports sport prestation’s. The fats from coconut oil can be distributed in the body as an energy source and because of this not be contained as fat in the body. A real energy boost! The superfood center also sells several cocus products.


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