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The 21st century food industry

The world population as we speak exists of 7,6 billion people. The estimation for the year 2030 is that this number will grow to 8,6 billion people, the forecast for 2050 will be that approximately 10 billion people living on this earth. The meat industry is already struggling to meet the demand of meat production globally. Some documentaries like cows piracy already tried to explain the danger of the meat industry regarding this problem. 

While the meat industry is already struggling to meet the demand of meat production as we speak, the world population will increase with at least 25%, by 2050. How is the meat industry going to tackle this problem? The answer is, that they will not. 

This is why our team at Solid Vegan tries to contribute to this (upcoming) problem. All the Solid Vegan members work in the food industry and contribute with inside information to our Solid Vegan blog. This is were we discuss the latest topics, trends and news from within the food market. 

#420 Big Bud provides us with information about seeds, plants and flowering. 

We also promote products that we tried, experienced or bought ourselves. Because there will be a shortage of meat products, we promote promising vegan products. We also give tips about self sufficiency. For example, how can we grow our own food to become more self sufficient. 

Our information is carefully filtered from our key partners in the Food Industry, exhibitions, news articles and other. All blogs and information we post, is reviewed by at least four solid vegan members. Our product section is updated weekly and if you need more information about any product groups we mention, please contact us. We have close connections with producers and suppliers who make and supply these high quality products. 


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